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This is our cookie policy page. It’s the best place to find out about the different types of cookies, what they do, how we use them at and how to delete them.


A cookie is a small file that’s downloaded on to your computer, tablet or smartphone (device) when you visit a website.

The cookies we set are called ‘first party’ cookies and ensure the site works as it should.

Deleting cookies

You can delete cookies, but how you do it is different from device to device. Check your browser settings to see how to delete them from yours.

Essential cookies

These cookies make sure our website works properly and that it’s secure. We can’t turn them off, but you can block them in your browser settings, which will cause parts of our website not to work.

Name 1st or 3rd party Expires
ASP.NET_SessionId 1st When you close your browser

This cookie lets you know if your browser isn't compatible with some parts of our website, by showing you a message that says your browser is unsupported and that parts of the site might not work as a result. This can happen if you're using an old browser that's out of date.

Name 1st or 3rd party Expires
verWarn 1st When you close your browser

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